About me...

I graduated in Cybernetic Mathematics at the Central University of Santa Clara and soon began to work at the Touristic Center of Trinidad as an Analyst of Informatics Systems. Afterwards, I worked at the financial department of the Empresa Pesquera de Trinidad (Fishing Corporation of Trinidad). As the tourism sector always was and still is my favourite branch, I decided to work at the Hotel Ancón in Trinidad, as an Informatics Specialist. Soon, the Management of the hotel sent me to attend a Professional Training Course on hotel management and after finishing this advanced training, I worked in Cayo Largo del Sur, at the Hotel Tritón Havana as Lodging Director and afterwards as Sales Director of the Hotel Ancón in Trinidad.

Besides informatics, my hobby is the good cuisine and I enjoy when I see my guests beeing happy and very satisfied with the meals I cook and serve them.

Naturally, my three children nourish my happiness too:

My son Ernesto, the eldest, is studying Veterinary Medicine at the Universtity of Santa Clara and my two daughters, Sara and Ana Sofia, are still studying in Trinidad.