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Bienvenido a Trinidad - Welcome to Trinidad

Founded in 1514 by Diego Velázquez, was the third Spanish town in Cuba. After the gold ran out in the region and Cortes had left to go and conquer Mexico, Trinidad slowly changed into a town whose wealth became based mainly on sugar, tobacco and livestock. This wealth was achieved by exploiting slaves brought in from Africa. Due to its isolated location on the island, for centuries Trinidad was a popular site for pirates and smugglers.

Nowadays, when tourists visit Trinidad, they literally feel like they are going back in time.  Isolation was a great inconvenience for its original inhabitants but today Trinity is one of the best-preserved colonial cities in the entire Caribbean and belongs to the world heritage of UNESCO.

Nowhere else on the island will the traveler come as close to the old colonial Cuba. After a visit to the Valle de los Ingenios and the Museo colonial, one gets a realistic picture of life in these times - both the poverty of the slaves and the incredible wealth of their owners.

   Hostel Bernardo is a charming Bed & Breakfast it´s ideal for those who look for a long and quiet rest and want to spend an amusing stay in Trinidad de Cuba, having the pleasure to welcome all travellers from any country or religion, we have a great experience and professionalism, we will turn your vacation into unforgettable memories, you will always be the center of our attention.  

The house has 3 large rooms and ventilated with terraces and balconies decorated with plants with great privacy, furnished with ancient pieces of great historical value.

You can enjoy a "SOLARIUM" on the top floor, which serves as a look out, It has a beautiful view of Trinidad, the Escambray mountains and the Caribbean Sea.

 Breakfast and dinner are offered, Cocktelery makes stay yore  more enjoyable, if you wish, in our restaurant you can enjoy a variety of delicious Cuban dishes prepared daily with fresh and carefully selected ingredients, of course you cannot miss our best wines to accompany your dishes every time. For our guests with gluten intolerance we have tightly controlled dishes "gluten free", from starters to dessert.

We also have the internet service available, so you can keep in touch with friends and families, offer the possibility to make free local and national calls.

Private Taxi service is also available 24 hours. If you want to make visits or tours, we have a wide range of offerings, such as visits to museums, waterfalls, horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkelling, and dance.

   We can also arrange your transfers and accommodation throughout the island, always in the most comfortable cars and most advantageous prices.

The owner is a major of Mathematics - Cybernetics at the University of Santa Clara. He has a vast experience in hotel business. 

Know where you are going. Beware of the Jineteros!

I know that Jineteros wait normally for tourists either at the entrance of the city or meet them at the bus station, or even approach them on the street. They may also just go inside buses and cars telling them that they are relatives (father, son, etc). They proceed telling them that the reservation at a specific casa has been cancelled or just that they are taking them to the booked casa particular, when in fact they are bringing you to a totally different casa.

If you have and trust your confirmed reservation at a casa particular, make sure you know the exact address, location and telephone number of the casa to avoid any unpleasant situation. And distrust those Jineteros that take you elsewhere.